Over the last few years, we all have seen huge advancements in the field of data science. The standard statistical learning methods and neural networks have revolutionized our online and offline experiences.

Right from getting recommendations on Amazon to buying pizzas, technology has changed everything. It has become very common to leverage data to increase sales target specific markets and many more. Hey !!! I just forgot the algorithms can even guess the name of the people you would like to tag on facebook !!!! How cool is that?

Moreover the developments in the field of artificial intelligence, especially from the perspective of usability. What I mean is that these technologies have not only become easy to use but are also open source. This lets you create products and solutions which one could only dream of a decade ago.

Not only that but the very way we chat on the web is now revolutionized by introducing bots. Gone are those boring days where you enter information into a chat and it remains unresponded if there is no one present on the other end.

These bots let you communicate with them and get information regarding a business or a store for example. How could it possibly improve user information? It’s straightforward.

Let’s assume for a moment that I have a booming business. In an e-commerce model devoid of (adaptive) chatbots, either a human has to be present to answer the chats or only particular questions could be answered.

The advancement in chatbots has come to such a stage where you and I can have a conversational experience. Let’s quickly dive in to see the 5 uses of chatbots and how they improve business.

1.Ask for information on the internet

Yes Yes Yes !!!!!! The Ok Google that we use literally fetches information from the internet. It is a chatbot that uses both text and voice inputs and outputs. It can do wonderful things. I just asked my google assistant to fetch cricket scores for today.

Did you notice that she understood my accent and returned the scores after a

Quick search. This is just one of the many things she could do.

2 . Order Pizza Online

Yes not only a pizza it can simplify an entire sales process. We will see that in the coming blogs. Its super simple to build a ‘pizzabot.’ This is one of the most brilliant applications of a bot. What do you think? You can literally get an almost human like communication.

3. Create and manage a sales funnel

Apart from being able to order stuff through a chatbot don’t you think it would be a nice if the bot could manage the sales and marketing for you? Don’t be confused; it’s simple. I am sure we all have been in situations where we have been shopping online, added things to our cart, but just did not proceed to payment.

The bot, in this case, could send you an email reminder saying “boss you’ve got an item in the cart”. Not only that it could also give you compelling discounts that will have you reconsider buying the item.

How would it be if you could do it in your business??? How would it be if the bot could send a note to upsale a particular product or downsale it? It could also do some redirect marketing. I am not joking bots these days are trained to do this. I totally felt the way you feel now

4. Set up appointments and remind you

This might sound a little odd but believe me in the fast and busy life that we live today we often neglect ……. No, let’s say forget that about appointments this bot could, in fact, communicate with you about the same. Pretty cool isn’t it?

5. A FAQ’s bot

We will do a little deep dive into this later on in the series. But just take a moment to think about the number of times you have been put in a situation where you don’t find the required piece of information. In these scenarios, you could ask the bot and boom !!! she solves your query.

So in summary, we just went through how technology has been changing our lives specifically in the space of communication through chatbots.

We briefly discussed about chatbots and discussed some applications. That’s it for now folks stay tuned for more. In the future posts I will discuss how we can go about building bots.

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